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typecase Touch Keyboard case for iPad 10th Generation (2022) -10.9 Inch, touchpad Keyboard case, Exclusive 10-Colors Backlit, 360° Rotable, Bluetooth, Pencil Holder
Customer name: Saurabh Naik

Location: Mulund east Mumbai, Maharashtra

typecase Edge Magic Style Keyboard for iPad 10th Generation (2022 Model), touchpad Keyboard case, iOS Fn Keys, Exclusive 10-Colors Backlit, Pencil Holder Buckle, Bluetooth (P Blue)
Customer name: Devansh
typecase Edge Magic Style Keyboard for iPad Air 5th/4th(2022,2020) & iPad Pro 11 (4th,3rd,2nd Gen), Keyboard case with Multi-Touch Trackpad, 10-Colors Backlights, Bluetooth
Customer name: Vanshika somani

Our Story

Typecase, which is a global electronics and apple accessories manufacturer. Founded in 2017. Our Typecase division is where we design and manufacture our best-selling keyboard cases and other apple accessories.

Flexbook/Flexbook Touch Case offers you a smart stylish and practical solution to your everyday needs -- Rotate the screen 360 degrees to effortlessly display your work presentation watch your favorite show or read a new book while you enjoy your iPad a little more even when you’re out and about!

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23 Jan 2024

Is iPad 10.2 good for editing

If you are looking for such a device, then Apple has the solution for you with its iPad 10.2 with a super fast, portable, and lightweight interface and design.

23 Jan 2024

Exploring the Apple Magic Keyboard: by Typecase

The Magic Keyboard has been making waves in the tech community, and we're here to explore why.

27 Apr 2024

Typing Experience with TypeCase Folio Keyboard

Type case Its combination of durable protection, ergonomic design, and advanced connectivity positions

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