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About Us

Typecase, which is a global electronics and apple accessories manufacturer. Founded in 2017. Our Typecase division is where we design and manufacture our best-selling keyboard cases and other apple accessories.

Flexbook/Flexbook Touch Case offers you a smart stylish and practical solution to your everyday needs -- Rotate the screen 360 degrees to effortlessly display your work presentation watch your favorite show or read a new book while you enjoy your iPad a little more even when you’re out and about!

Folio Case KB16S features a removable keyboard that transforms your iPad into a laptop or your favorite book in less than a second. In laptop mode, the thoughtful design easily adjusts to whatever comfortable angle suits you best. Perfect for working, writing, or watching videos at work, school, travel, and home.

While we also manufacturing other Apple accessories like airtag holders, airtag wallets.

we mainly sell via Amazon and below are authorized resellers of genuine Typecase products:

Amazon US marketplace: Keyboard Case Experts

Amazon US marketplace: Typecase store

Amazon CA marketplace: Typecase store

Amazon IND marketplace:   Typecase store