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How will Smart Waste Management change India?
Typecase E-Waste Collection programme

The E-Waste (Management) Rules of 2016 and the E-Waste (Management) Amendment Rules of 2017 are complied with by Typecase under EPR no- B-29016(1988)/(EPR)/20/WM-III Division -16742 dated-04.03.2021. Typecase has established a collecting system to collect, channel, and recycle/dismantle e-waste as part of Extended Producers' Responsibility.

E-waste collection and storage

Schemes for Particular Collections

Buyback Programs:

Enjoy the money you will receive when you sell us your old, expired products by bringing them to one of our collection facilities or using our door-to-door service.

Exchange Procedure:

In addition to receiving a financial reward for submitting your end-of-life products, you can also get further savings on our new products through our exchange policy. The discount amount will be the same as the Buy Back scheme amount.

TOLL-FREE Number in India. 1800-102-5679